Good Hotels vs Amazing Hotels

As many people begin to shirk off the financial fears of the past six years and indulge, the holiday industry is seeing the loosening purse strings as a sign that their fortunes may be about to turn around. However things are not completely rosy for hoteliers; with many holiday makers wanting to get the most bang for their buck, many are beginning to question the standards of even fairly good hotel rooms, demanding more services, style and value for their pound. With this is in mind we wondered, what exactly sets the good apart from the great when it comes to hotel rooms?


When you enter a good hotel, carrying your own bags and being greeted in a friendly and useful manner by the receptionist is pretty much a given. Most would be happy to receive this kind of service, especially if away for a weekend or if staying at a bed and breakfast, however a truly amazing hotel would go above and beyond this kind of service. 24-hour concierges working to do anything that they can do make your stay as comfortable as it can be; room service delivered at all hours; and porters ready by the entrance to take care of your bags and belongings- these are the hallmarks of an excellent hotel!


The bed is perhaps the most obvious thing to ‘get right’ in a hotel; what’s the point of paying hundreds of pounds for a bad night’s sleep, anyway? In this category however, the differences aren’t all that noticeable- beds simply have to be of good quality in any hotel, and if mattresses are uncomfortable then the hotel should really be classified as bad almost straight away! In an excellent hotel though, the bed will be larger, softer, and perhaps feature an ottoman-bed setup if located in cooler climes; extra covers, pillows and blankets easily located under the mattress for ease of use by guests.

The Details

Staying a night at a pretty nice hotel, you’d expect a good, warm, comfortable room, plus some extras such as free soap, tea and coffee etc. This is all completely fine, but if you’re looking for a little luxury, a hotel simply has to go above and beyond these efforts. The rooms in really lovely hotels will be distinctive, yet tasteful (and local). The little extras will be plentiful; luxury bathing goods, a safe, minibar with bottled water, shoe shining and laundry services, complimentary Wi-Fi- all in all, a complete attention to detail and a complete lack of tedious profiteering.

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