3 Top Reasons Tech Lovers enjoy Fly fish in Poland

Dynamism is now the way of the world. Without a doubt defining yourself in many ways is now a top trend. As a result, it is as common to find a best online casino gambler as it is to find fly-fisherman. Both activities provide the necessary impact to get the body to release endorphins that reset the human mind and body. So if you love your tech and you also enjoy fly fishing below are the top reason Tech-loving individuals have a great time fly fishing in Poland.

Great Fishing Spots

Geographically Poland is one of the best places to go fly fishing in Europe. This is because of the positioning of the Baltic state. Traditionally the region has a strong history of fly fishing, which is another reason to get tour guided by a local.

The variety of fish that is available in places like the Dunajec River comprises of bullhead, grayling and trout. It is a great place to catch that trophy fish with recorded weights going up to 24 pounds.


Something that you take for granted until it is not available. Most of us do not realize how much we depend on the internet for our everyday existence. Just like air, it is only when you do not have it that you feel how much you need it. In Poland, there is no fear of going for too long without a stable connection.

Even if you are not a “Techie” Poland still makes for a great fly fishing destination. All the tech only serves to offer an alternative. If you want a weekend away from everything including that lusty online pokies for real money the environment is perfect. Simply switch off and concentrate on catching some fish.

Bitcoin Accepted

The use of a universal currency brings a lot of conveniences. Switching from one currency to a completely foreign one tends to cause a bit of confusion.

Poland is very Bitcoin-friendly. There are now fewer establishments that do not accept the cryptocurrency.

Photo credit, Dunajec River, Poland.