weekend for two

Thinking about a tattoo? Travelling to Poland for a tattoo and enjoying a few days break at the same time can cost a lot less than getting a tattoo in the UK.

Professional Tattooist

Getting a good quality tattoo from an experienced and professional tattooist is more important than cost, with that in mind, a professionally done tattoo in Poland will likely cost less than half what you would pay in the UK.

Our tattoo holiday for two people includes 4 hours at the tattoo studio, airport transfer (from and to Bydgoszcz Airport) and two nights accommodation at a Hostel based in the heart of the Old Medieval City of Toruń.

Tattoo Artist in Toruń

We work with Dingir Tattoo, a professional artist with over 20 years experience.

Each tattoo is different and the length of time required depends on the size, the detail involved and where on your body you have it.

To find out how much you could save, please contact us directly via the contact form to the right, giving us an idea of size required and where you would like to have it, as well as available dates. Large designs can take a number of days to complete.

A great tattoo is priceless, it’s artwork which will be part of you forever, make an occasion of it and get it done in the beautiful old city of Toruń.

Leszek at Work

Flights London Stansted to Bydgoszcz

Low cost flights to Bydgoszcz Airport near Toruń are available via RyanAir.com. Trip price does not include the price of flights. Price does include airport transfer from Bydgoszcz to the Hostel in the centre of Toruń.

Booking Form

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