Best Escape Rooms in Poland

The Best Escape Rooms in Poland

For those of you who have not yet experienced a real-life escape room, then Poland is the perfect place to test your wits against some of the most fiendishly puzzling games around. If you are not familiar with the concept, escape rooms are a physical version of the online ‘locked room’ games. You are locked in a room which contains enough clues for you to escape, but only if you and your teammates are smart enough to solve the puzzles to earn your freedom before time runs out! There are a number of fantastic escape rooms in Poland, so let’s take a look at a selection of the best:

Combinator Exit Game (Krakow)

There are two games to choose from when you pay a visit to the highly rated Combinator. Krakow Beasts requires players to navigate hidden passages in a dungeon, and then to find and kill the dragon in its lair. Pirate Ship is the second game, taking place on board a ship which has been over-run by blood-thirsty cut-throats. You have one hour to evade capture and free yourself from the ship without being detected. The unique atmosphere created in both games makes this one of the best escape room options in town.

Room of Plenty (Gdansk)

Room of Plenty is an intriguing escape room in the picturesque city of Gdansk. Here you travel back in time to the 1960s, and enter the home of adventurer and traveller Ludwig Plenty. You must unravel the mystery of his disappearance, and you have 75 minutes to do so. The game takes place in a private apartment, which adds to the authenticity of the challenge, although the first challenge will be to locate the actual room as it is not prominently marked. Once inside, you will enjoy a very engaging and authentic-feeling challenge.

Room Escape (Warsaw)

Room Escape has no fewer than six different exit games on offer, meaning that you will be returning to challenge yourself again and again. Beginners may prefer to try either the murder mystery in the Basement room, or the Mission Impossible style adventure in the Museum room. The more difficult rooms include the Indiana game, which is set in an ancient chamber in the African jungle. The Medieval game is set in the time of knights and ancient magic, while the Laboratory game uses much more futuristic designs and puzzles. Finally there is the imaginative Time Travel game, set in three different periods of time which you must connect together.

Locked Up (Krakow/Katowice)

You can choose from five different escape games at Locked Up, each one lovingly designed to provide an immersive gaming experience. The easiest game is the Chamber of Secrets which you must try to escape within an hour. The Mars Expedition takes you on an adventure to the red planet, while Planet of the Apes is another sci-fi adventure themed after the blockbuster movies. The mazes and puzzles of the Inca Adventure will be a challenge for even experienced exit game players, while the Nuclear Trap requires you to deactivate a bomb before it goes off.

All of the escape rooms listed above can be enjoyed at very reasonable prices, meaning that you won’t need to win the Polish lotto online in order to experience a fantastic day out. If you have never tried an escape game before, then be prepared to catch the bug, as one game is never enough!

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