Torun and it’s Gothic Old City

torun polandToruń is in central Poland on the banks of the Vistula, a prominent trade centre in the Middle Ages much of the early architecture has been preserved and Torun is included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites and attracts tourists and academics from around the world.

Thanks to its historical past Toruń is often regarded as an educational and cultural centre, its status similar to that of Oxford or Bath in England. Annual events include a number of international festivals including the Contact Theatre Festival.

Copernicus University caters to around 30,000 students most of whom are permanently resident in the town. offers a selection of tailored, themed, exhilarating & meaningful discovery breaks, such as horse riding, film school, business missions and historical tours in Torun, for further information please visit

Toruń Promo Clip

Check out new short film promoting Torun as a candidate for European Cultural Capital 2016:


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