Lubuskie Region West of Poznan

Swiebodzin Lubuskie
Lubuskie Countryside near Skwierzyna
Lubuskie Countryside near Skwierzyna

Visitors to Poland travelling from Berlin will most likely travel through the Lubuskie Region along the E30 or A2 motorway – still under construction as we write. The road winds from Frankfurt on the Oder River on the german border, via Torzym, Swiebodzin and Trzciel towards Poznań.

Half of the Lubusz Province as it’s also called, is covered with forests, these include primaeval forests, peppered with glacial lakes and waterholes. The largest towns are Gorzów Wielkopolski and Zielona Góra, only around a million people live in the region.

Swiebodzin in Lubuskie
Swiebodzin in Lubuskie

Miedzyrzecz is worth visiting to see the Międzyrzecze military fortifications, full of reinforced concrete bunkers, lost among fields and forests, massive steel domes, underground tunnels and long rows of dragon’s teeth – concrete anti tank traps.

A statue of Christ, measuring 36 metres and the largest in the world, has recently been constructed in Swiebodzin in the central part of the province.

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Hotels in the Lubuskie region

Four star hotels include Qubus, in Gorzów Wielkopolskie, Ruben Hotel and Dana Hotel & Spa in Zielona Góra.

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Hotels near Poznan for Euro 2012

Nearer to Poznan, and a little east of the Lubuskie region, further information in preparation …


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