Stretching across over 200 miles and surrounded by forests and meadows, are over 2000 lakes, many of them interconnected by rivers and canals, the Mazury lake district in north east Poland is one of the country’s favourite tourist destinations, and also known as the land of a thousand lakes.

lakeside holidayLake District Attractions

Tourists flock to the region during the summer time particularly to enjoy yachting, kajaking, angling, the peace and quiet, wild forests, natural food, and unique historic sights of interest such as the castles of the Teutonic knights and significant military fortifications.

Enjoy driving along the tree lined countryside roads, through  forests and fields, across canals and bridges, undulating hilly landscapes, summer time festivals and timber architecture.

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Polish Lake District Resorts

The most popular tourist resorts, include Wegorzewo, Olecko, Mragowo, Gizycko, Mikolajki and Ruciane Nida, many of the resorts are interconnected via canals and lakes, so simply choose your vessel and set sail, to get away from the resorts and to explore the natural habitat and smaller settlements.

Lake Sniardwy

Poland’s largest lake, Sniardwy is over 10 miles long and 8 miles wide, up to 75 feet deep in places, has 8 islands and connects with numerous other lakes and canals all part of the Mazury waterways.

Historic Castles


Castles of the Teutonic order dating back to the middle ages and are located in Barcin, Giżycko, Kętrzyn, Nidzica (shown to the right), Ryn, Ełk, Węgorzewo and Działdowo.

Enthusiasts of military history can visit the Wolf’s Lair, Hitlers Eastern front military headquarters near Kętrzyn and Twierdza Boyen, a 19th century star shaped fortifications, as well as the location of a famous battle, the Battle of Grunwald.


Just a touch east of the Mazury and close to the border with Belarus in the north east of the country lies Augustow, an idyllic lakeside resort, Augustow is a small town surrounded by lakes, forests, rivers and canals. Visitors can enjoy kayaking, sailing, swimming, fishing, wind surfing, diving, water skiing, hiking, cycling, nature watching and other activities.

Enjoy the outdoors, the freedom & peace of kayaking in the wild. Test your skills on the water, experience the untouched natural beauty and serenity of the Black Hancza River and the historic Augustow Canal (1824).

Hotel Warszawa Augustow is the best hotel in Augustow, located in pine forest adjacent to lake Necko, there are some facilities for boating, water skiing and kayaking, but most of all this is a peaceful retreat, great for relaxation. The hotel is in a country park, massive pine trees, about a mile outside the town centre.

This relatively unspoilt region has rich flora and fauna, nature reserves and some of Europes largest tracts of ancient forests.


Great way to actively spend your holiday is to go on a yacht cruise. You can even get your own nautical certificate. There are a lot of local yachting and boating firms offering hire, trips and tuition. Experience amazing lakes and many wildlife sanctuaries while learning and having fun.

Hotels and Accommodation

Traditional agricultural small holdings, known as agroturystyka, are very popular and well priced, also available are traditional timber cabins, private bed and breakfasts, hostels, lakeside resorts, youth camps as well as luxury lakeside hotels and spas.

Tourist Information.

Map of Tourist Attractions in the Mazury

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