Seaside Weekend at Hel Peninsula

Seaside Trip Report

the beach in Hel

Hel is a small fishing village and seaside resort on the tip of the Hel Peninsula, just 30 km north of Gdansk across the sea. The beaches are clean and sandy, the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, plenty of people playing great beach sports and swimming.

maritime museumThe resort lies on the south side of the peninsula, with a small port and a popular beach just minutes from the centre, and wild sandy beaches to the east and the north. There is a lighthouse, a maritime museum, a sealion centre, plenty of restaurants and bars serving fresh fish and other foods, a sand dune park, fishing and speed boat trips, and shops and stalls as well as other attractions.


Getting to Hel

gdansk ferry passengersIt’s the end of the season, the school holidays are ending but we just squeezed in a hot beach weekend on our first visit to Hel.

During the summer months there is a water tram – tramwaj wodny – or ferry which takes visitors from Gdansk to Hel in two hours, tickets were just £4. The ferry sails from the centre of the old city of Gdansk and via the shipyards and ports which are interesting to see. See the ferry timetable here.

If you don’t enjoy sea travel, a train from Gdansk takes 3 hours, or take the 216 from Gdansk north via Wladyslawowo and Jastarnia.


Accommodation in Hel – Wolne Pokoje

wolne pokoje HelWe didn’t find any special hotels in Hel, but there are plenty of bed and breakfasts and private rooms available for around £12 per night. Just walk around the centre of the village and try anywhere they have a Wolne Pokoje sign – free rooms.

You may want to take a day trip to Hel but stay in Gdansk, check out these holidays in Gdansk too.

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