Travelling in Poland on Bitcoin: Where Can you Use the Digital Currency?

Organising foreign currency can be complicated for the average traveller. Using unrecognisable currencies and accepting transaction fees abroad can be frustrating and just inconvenient. But after much development in cyber-currency and the acceptance of the concept globally, more and more tourists are finding it possible to travel entirely on bitcoin. Bitcoin has minimal transaction fees, is easy to store and manage, and subsequently is becoming a popular currency choice for travellers as a global currency. With global travel sites like Airbnb requiring fast and appropriate payment methods, bitcoin has become popular as an equal and safe currency for holiday booking.

In 2013 the first ever exclusively bitcoin event was held in Poland, and after recent championing by both Polish government and tourist boards, it’s becoming easier to travel in the country using only cyber-currency. There are bitcoin debit cards and ATMs across Poland, as there has been a steady increase in demand for blockchain exchange. The use of this cyber-currency has developed beyond just online transactions and now includes independent retailers, restaurants and cafes. T-Mobile Poland allows users to top up using bitcoin. And with LOT Polish Airlines also joining the list of travel companies accepting the currency, it seems bitcoin is now a preferred and reliable holiday currency when travelling to Poland.

In the larger cities of Krakow and Warsaw, the bitcoin boom allows visitors to pick between a variety of holiday activities. And they are easy to find using, various online bitcoin travel maps. The Warsaw Bitcoin Meetup Group have really developed the use of bitcoin in pubs, bars and restaurants. The Dziewiątka Pub&Club, in Krakow, is a unique bar and restaurant in a former church. Dziewiątka is a popular nighttime hang-out with travellers, as it also runs a bitcoin pub-crawl through the city named The krawl through Krakow. And with flea markets popular in Warsaw, there are planned bitcoin flea markets similar to the Prague bitcoin markets. Dolcevita suites rent out luxury holiday apartments in Warsaw using bitcoin exclusively. There are a wealth of opportunities to splurge your crypto-currency on a Polish city-break.

A number of online as well as food and takeaway outlets in Poland accept bitcoin or solely deal in the currency., the largest takeaway and food delivery website in the country uses bitcoin as its primary currency, and the popular Pizzaforcoins allows customers to purchase pizza for (their) coins. More and more sites, such as bitcasino and bitcoincoffee are accepting exclusively bitcoin, which is great for the global leisure industry and holidays. Still in the online realm, bitcoin is an increasingly popular choice to play with, with Bitcasino, which is a brand that has chosen to only allow bitcoin payments, one of the most popular choices.

Those wanting a chilled break on cyber-currency can try out Strefa Yoga Cafe in Bydgoszcz. Or head straight to the eastern coast, on the Baltic Sea. Gdansk is Poland’s picturesque port-city praised for its stunning architecture, 17th century harbour and Old Town. Bitcoin is accepted on Expedia and CheapAir and fly to all the major cities including Gdansk. And so travel to the region is easily accessible to blockchain tourists. As a port city and trading market, the city’s shopping culture dates back, long before cyber-currency. Nowadays there are more than a few Polish bitcoin boutiques, such as Dekornik a designer furniture outlet or Silvan the interior design boutique. Sklepzpiwem , a local market in the city, offers customers groceries and craft beer using bitcoin, and even has a beer garden open day to night. And then there’s Strony Swiata, a fusion burger restaurant in Gdansk, a definite dinner spot for bitcoin users. It’s becoming easier for tourists in Poland to travel, dine and explore using blockchain currencies.

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Just as Facebook and Youtube transformed our use of traditional methods of media, the bitcoin is seemingly altering how we travelling. Poland embracing the bitcoin in retail, travel and excursions, has boosted tourism in the country, making it easier to book and spend quickly, safely and cheaply, attracting blockchain users from across the globe. Poland is also home to various hosting sites, start-up app companies and cyber-currency meet-up groups.

The country is developing an exciting culture for the future of Blockchain. Likewise, its shows Poland as a holiday destination that is compatible with modern technology and lifestyle. With the boom of the bitcoin in the past few years and their value increasing, the currency is allowing many travellers to discover new places without the limited restrictions of interest rates. Like, Jeremy Gardner, who has travelled the world via blockchain technology and promotes cyber-technology in leisure, business and travel as a freeing and simpler currency. With tourism and large global brands seeing the advantages of bitcoin, travellers like Gardner are soon to be the norm – and most likely pretty soon in Poland.

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