Karpacz Mountains

Samotnia Mountain Refuge in Karpacz

Samotnia Refuge is the wooden pearl of Lower Silesian mountain refuges, situated in the Karkonosze Mountains in south east Poland, this mountain refuge sits in a beautiful spot overlooking a post glacial pond, Kocioł Małego Stawu and surrounded by dwarf mountain pine pinus mugo forests.


Hiking, nature watching, skiing, snowboarding, climbing.

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The Karkonosze Mountains

It is worth taking the time to follow the trail from the Wang Stave Church to the summit of Mt. Snieżka, a walk which will satisfy your eyes through the beauty of the landscape, the richness of the high mountain vegetation and the snowy cornices overhanging the edges of the Cirque of the Small Pond – Kocioł Małego Stawu in winter.

Contrary to its name, the pond is not so small. It is 255m long, 185m wide and 6.5m deep and it was named ‘Small’ because it’s neighbour is the much larger pond known as the Great Pond – Wielki Staw. The pond is at 1183 metres above sea level, whilst Samotnia Refuge stands 12 metres higher.

Samotnia is one of the oldest mountain refuges in Poland. It is famous for its tourist-friendly atmosphere, wooden interiors and home-made dishes. It is located within the Karkonosze National Park, and tourists can only reach the refuge on foot.

A secure car park is available lower down the mountain at Hotel Sadyba. The refuge is situated halfway between Karpacz and Mount Snieżka.

Samotnia is a property belonging to the Polish Country Lovers’ Association PTTK. It has 50 beds and offers both full and half-board. It is a great place for wedding receptions, post-graduate meetings, domestic celebrations as well as cultural and sporting competitions. Samotnia Refuge is also an excellent starting point for hiking atop Mt. Snieżka or to the Czech refuges and picturesque Great Pond (Wielki Staw).

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