Accommodation in Poland

Like you’d expect in any european country, accommodation in Poland includes luxury five star hotels, private lodgings, big resorts, city centre hostels as well as the standard hotel accommodation blocks we get along the motorways in the UK, from some of the less inspiring international hotel chains.

More unique are some of the communist era hotels with a taste of the past, private countryside and mountainside chalets, castles & palaces and city centre accommodation available in historic buildings.

Our latest review takes a look at Hotels in Krakow, expensive luxury but well worth a visit even if only for a coffee, the Copernicus was often visited by the famous astronomer.

See also information about hotels in TorunHotelik w Centrum is situated right in the centre of Torun not far from the bus and train stations, and Hotel Trzy Korony is right in the main square across from the town hall (ratusz).


To get away from it all and for peace and quiet in a traditional wooden mountain refuge, find out about Samotnia in the mountains in south west Poland.

Visiting Warsaw, excellent hostel accommodation in the centre of the capital is provided by Oki Doki Hostel, well worth a visit.

If you are looking for great deals on hotel bookings in Poland, we recommend Hotels Combined, which searches multiple hotel booking websites to come up with a good price for you.

Arty Lalala Hotel, each room has a unique artistic design.

Looking for something closer to home? Cadgwith Cottages, holiday cottages in south west Cornwall.