Lake District Fishing

lakeside resort poland
£74 per person two nights. Enjoy a couple of days lake fishing in the Polish lake district away from the main tourist trails. Lakeside accommodation in...

Riverside Cottage & Spa

riverside cottage weekend
£174 per person three nights. A riverside residence in beautiful countryside and forests near Toruń in central Poland. Huge range of optional activities. Trip includes 3 nights accommodation in a...

Eco Workshops near Krakow

workshop strawbale blocks
£180 per person for two nights Situated in beautiful highland countryside an hour south of Kraków, this trip includes an eco workshop, accommodation in a straw bale...

Straw Bale Cottage Weekend

strawbale cottage rental
£67 per person Stay in a natural strawbale cottage in the Bory Tucholskie in north central Poland. This is a small lakeside settlement in countryside surroundings comprising...

Dunajec Fly Fishing Weekend

dunajec fly fishing weekend
£267 per person Fly Fishing Weekend in the Polish mountains with an English speaking local fishing guide, traditional cottage accommodation, meals and airport transfer. The Dunajec river...

Lubuskie Region West of Poznan

Swiebodzin Lubuskie
Visitors to Poland travelling from Berlin will most likely travel through the Lubuskie Region along the E30 or A2 motorway - still under construction...

Mazury Lake District

mazury lake district poland
Over 2000 lakes, many of them interconnected by rivers and canals, the Mazury lake district in north east Poland is one of the country's favourite tourist destinations.

Kajaking Canoeing

Beautiful waterways, clean rivers, lakes and well maintained canals make Poland an ideal for canoeing and kayaking which is a popular sport in the country.