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Polish history and culture.

See the Historical Side of Poland

bialowieska national park
Surrounded by Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Belarus, the country of Poland is a key stop on any trek through eastern Europe....

Eagles Nests near Kraków

eagles nest near Krakow
Visit The Eagles Nests Of Poland If you want to experience a true taste of Poland’s medieval history, then pay a visit to the Eagles’...

Polish Food

Traditionally high in calories with lots of meat, flour, potatoes and cabbage, nowadays tourists can expect a wide variety of international and modern foods to be available.

Malbork Castle

Historic Malbork The history of Malbork is strictly connected with the history of Teutonic Knights Order, which took significant part in settlement on Żuławy Wiślane...

Polish Christmas Food

Polish citizens tend to respect traditions and serve twelve dishes for Christmas Eve supper which is called Wigilia. Number of dishes represent twelve months...