Train Travel in Poland

train travel in polandCan be fantastic travelling by train through Poland, despite the much privatisation in the Polish economy over the last couple of decades, PKP or Polskie Koleje Panstwowe (Polish State Railways) has survived largely intact and on many lines you still get the feel of really being in that Eastern Europe we remember from James Bond films.

UK to Poland Train Ticket Bookings

Besides, high-speed railways connecting Wroclaw and Poznan with Lodz and Warsaw are planned to be open in 2018.

PKP actually has an excellent website and it’s quite easy to find connections and train times (which are usually the same for every day), it’s a much better service than we have offered by the many private train operators in the UK.

Travel can be slow compared to the UK, but just sit back and enjoy the landscape and engage with the other passengers, many Polish trains still have compartments for 6 (in first class) or 8 (second class) people, so you can find yourself sitting in a row of 4 opposite 4 : -)

If you don’t have time to wait in line for a ticket at the train station, you can buy tickets from the conductor for just a fraction extra, but you must announce your lack of ticket as soon as you board the train. Cost of tickets is still fairly low, particularly for slow trains travelling long distances.