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Hotel Copernicus in Krakow

In the heart of the old city centre, Hotel Copernicus is on Kanonicza Street, one of Krakow’s oldest streets, which has been beauitfully restored and has a medieval character. A little up the road is Wawel Castle, the historic seat of Polish kings, the central square is a short walk the other way.

Hotel Copernicus stands out as a luxury hotel, and is the only hotel in Poland affiliated to the exclusive French hotel alliance to Relais de Châteaux. Apparently Nicolaus Copernicus himself, the famous astronomer who worked out that the earth circles the sun and not the other way around, lodged here when he visited Krakow.


Inside the building there is plenty of evidence of it’s historic significance, works of art, historic furniture, beautiful frescos, fine draperies, exquisite food and fantastic architecture can give you the feeling of being a king in a far off time. Worth a trip, even if you aren’t going to stay have a coffee there feel like a king.

Expect all the modern amenities you’d expect from any five star hotel, and check out the swimming pool and sauna in the cellars.