Getting to Poland

Poland is around 600 miles from the UK so most tourists and travellers will fly, but you can also get to Poland by car, by ferry, by coach and by train. Further details on finding the best tickets, please read on …

Air Travel From UK

Flights take around two hours. A full list of international airports is shown below. A number of low cost carriers are now operating flights from the UK:

Ryan Air
Easy Jet
Wizz Air
No longer operating are Sky Europe and Central Wings.

Try, a useful flight comparison website good for finding cheap flights to Poland, searches all airports (no need to specify particular departure or arrival locations). Significant prices savings can be made by comparing prices, for example, we found a flight from London to Poznan on the 12th December 2009 was available from Wizz Air for £33.99 and from Ryan Air for £74.26.

Car hire is popular and well appointed at all of the major airports on arrival, try, a useful car rental broker who compare deals to find the best rates.

Polish Airports

Back in the 1990’s you could only fly to Warsaw, Gdansk or Krakow, today there is a large number of airports to choose from:

BZG – Bydgoszcz Airport
GDN – Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport
KTW – Katowice Airport
KRK – Krakow Airport
LCJ – Lodz Airport
POZ – Poznan Lawica Airport
RZE – Rzeszow Jasionka Airport
SZZ – Szczecin Goleniow Airport
WAW – Warsaw Chopin Airport
WRO – Wroclaw Copernicus Airport

Coach Travel and Road Travel to Poland

Coach travel has been popular with budget travellers, but takes an exhausting 24 hours +, though at the moment some air fares are even less expensive. It can be enjoyable to meet people on the way and when you finally arrive you really do have the feeling that you’ve travelled.

Coach operators include Eurolines and National Express.

The road journey is fairly straightforward motorway through Brugge in Belgium, Antwerp in Holland and via Berlin in Germany. Once in Poland have a map and be alert, travel along the major A roads can be a little disconcerting, don’t always expect to find the road clear around the next fast corner, in traffic there are plenty of overtaking maneuvers which just wouldn’t be acceptable in the leafy lanes of Berkshire; and if you have two cars to choose from take the bigger one with bumpers.

Travelling by Sea to Poland

There was once a direct ferry between the UK and Poland, but not any more. There are popular passenger sea routes connecting Poland with Scandinavian countries Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. So for example you could travel via Copenhagen and then take a ferry from there to Swinoujscie or via Amsterdam.

Flying in the 1970’s

Whilst flying is still a luxury for many people in Poland it was even more so in the 1970’s when Director Andrzej Kondratiuk shot the cult comedy film Wniebowzieci, it’s about two working class men who win the lottery and fly around from city to city in Poland, this clip shows them misbehaving in the plane.