Poland boasts an extensive network of rivers and lakes from the mountains in the south and across the plains towards the Baltic Sea in the north. The river systems are generally clean and flow through forests, agricultural land and wild terrain, helping wildlife to flourish along the river banks. Favoured fishing locations include Dunajec, Odra, Narew, Bug, San, Drwęca, the Baltic Sea coast and the Mazury Lake District.

fishing in polandSea fishing in Poland is also popular, with firms such as Ark Charter offering angling cruises in the Baltic Sea from Kolobrzeg.

The most common fresh water fish in Poland are carp, tench, perch, trout (pictured below), salmon, eels, zander and pike. Private fisheries are common in many areas.







Fishing Regulations in Poland

The Polish Anglish Association is the largest angling association in Poland and is responsible for managing bodies of water, check out the Polish Angling Regulations before going fishing in Poland, and make sure your tour operator or activity provider has secured a rod license before you go.

Carp Fishing and Fly Fishing

Visit Pioneer Fishing for a Dunajec River Fly Fishing experience.

River San FlyFishing, in the Bieszczady mountains near the border with Ukraine and Slovakie, wild terrain and location for the fly fishing World Championships in 1985.

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