5 Most Haunted Places in Poland

No matter what your opinion about the existence of ghosts might be, there are many castles and haunted places in Poland that are guaranteed to give you a creepy feeling! For instance, Nazi ghosts still haunt a Polish hospital that was taken over by Hitler’s army.

In fact, these castles put a few Polish locations amongst some of the most haunted places in the world! The number of such haunted palaces and castles are so many that almost every city of Poland seems to have one! If this piques your interest and you consider yourself as a bit of a culture vulture – let’s quickly go over the 5 such places below.

Castle of Checiny

The castle of Checiny’s remarkable ruins are often frequented by the ghost of a certain white lady. People started noticing the appearance of her spirit soon after Bona Sforza, the Queen of Poland had died in the 16th century. Bona Sforza had migrated to Poland from Italy and many believed that she had hidden several treasures in some part of this castle. It is believed that she comes searching for those treasures even today.

Chojnik Castle

This castle is located atop a mountain and has witnessed a great number of battles and fights. The fortified hillfort that constitutes this castle had been in use for some centuries until it was burnt down by a thunder. Hans Ulrich Schaffgotch is believed to be the last owner of this castle, and he was killed in the year 1645 after being found to have betrayed the ruler (of that time). Post the abandonment of this castle, people started witnessing the shadow of a rider on a horse, appearing from dark mist during the night hours. Many believe that Hans Ulrich continues to guard his castle, and that he never came to terms with the end of his life.

The Castle in Darlowo

This castle is haunted by the spirit of Duchess Sofia who can be seen all decked up in a long silk white dress, wearing golden flat shoes. The duchess walks very carefully, without making any sound. You might see her holding a candle and apparently guarding the castle. Sofia was the wife of Duke Eric II, of the Pomeranian dynasty of Gryfit. She was a powerful and wise woman who lived in the second-half of 15th century and adored this castle. Furthermore, she used to control everyone and everything surrounding her, and apparently hasn’t stopped doing that.

Castle of Drzewica

This castle is apparently haunted by scary nuns, who as per the legend, make weird noises at night. Many have witnessed an encounter with these group of women, seen dressed in dark-coloured long clothes. They can be seen wandering around the place, holding candles, and walking towards the castle’s gate.

Castle of Grodziec

The ghost that haunts this castle was well-known for his cruelty towards people. However, he completely changed his behaviour after having met with a red ghoul. Thereafter, he donated all his belongings to the poor and set the castle’s prisoners free. You can see him in the form of a skeleton dressed in an armour, with his body covered with tongues of fire. The red ghoul normally appears whenever something very bad is done to people. He attacks people who harm others.

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Photo credit, Castle in Grodziec.