Best Tourist Attractions in Warsaw

Over the past few years, Poland has become a real hotspot for tourists looking for an affordable, yet exciting European break. The capital city, Warsaw, is a beautiful city with a variety of interesting architecture and plenty of things to do. Before you go travelling, don’t forget to make sure your documents are in order – always check whether you need to make an esta application online when making holiday arrangements.

Royal Castle

Warsaw’s Royal Castle is a huge brick palace which is as impressive on the outside as it is on the outside. The castle’s history begins in the 14th century but it is best-known for being Europe’s most grand royal residence in the mid-17th century. Today visitors can tour the castle and see some stunning period art and furniture. Don’t forget, the entire building was blown up by the German army during World War II, so visitors will actually be exploring a replicated copy!

Warsaw Rising Museum

Given its chequered history, Warsaw is home to an extensive number of museums. One of the best, is the Warsaw Rising Museum which takes visitors back to the uprising against German occupation in 1944. There are many different interactive exhibits to educate and move visitors, including personal stories, photographs and film archives.

Old Town & Old Town Square

The colourful Old Town is a great place to explore, indulge in some traditional Polish food and drink and learn about Warsaw’s history. Technically, the old town dates back to the 13th century. However, during World War II the centre was completely destroyed so visitors will find themselves walking through a 20th century remake. There are plenty of plaques dotted around the central square to explain how the rebuild was completed. Consider taking a walking tour to see the best of Warsaw’s Old Town.

Łazienki Park

If you’re visiting Warsaw in summer or spring, when temperatures rise to a pleasant 18°C, don’t miss this beautiful park. Here, you’ll find landscaped lawns and wildflowers, peacocks roaming free and outdoor concerts throughout the spring and summer.

St John’s Cathedral

As previously mentioned, Warsaw is home to a wide variety of architecture, including Gothic, neoclassic and Soviet-era buildings. St John’s Cathedral is Warsaw’s oldest church and the impressive Gothic structure is an incredible sight to see. If you’re interested, head inside to study the tomb of the last dukes of Mazovia and Nobel-prize winning writer Henryk Sienkiewicz.

Soho Factory

Although the city has a lot of history behind it, there are plenty of new tourist destinations to keep visitors inspired. Soho Factory is home to the famous Neon Museum, a variety of restaurants which feature traditional and global cuisine, and some quirky design shops. Budding artists should definitely pay a trip to Soho Factory to get inspired.

These are just some of the incredible things you can do and see in Warsaw. There really is something for everyone, whether you are travelling solo or heading off on a family trip.

Photo credit, Stare Miasto Warszawa / Old Town Warsaw