The Best Polish Food in the UK

Polish food in the UK

Can’t Make the Trip? Find Polish Food in the UK

Whether you’re a Polish national or you just have a love of all things associated with the culture, it’s not always possible to head on out to Poland just to sample some of the most delicious food. If you’re living in the UK, it can often feel like you’re so close yet so far to the tasty treats that you love.

So what’s a Polish food lover to do? Look around. The food you love is closer than you think.

Scope Out The Restaurants

The UK is not lacking in Polish restaurants, possibly because Polish people make up the largest group of foreign-born residents in the country. Bringing with them a wealth of wonderful food and recipes, many a Polish restaurant has popped up; up and down the country.

Unlike many restaurants in the UK which have seemed to favour dainty little portions over the past few years, preferring to focus on presentation, the often “heavy” Polish cuisine provides a welcome, filling alternative for some. People love cheeses, sausages, soups, and stews, especially at this time of the year, and with the added benefit of their unique flavour in Polish cooking, it’s no surprise that people are venturing on out to try. After all, you get an insight into a culture through food, in many cases!

Still not sure where to go? Have a Google. It’s not obscure anymore, so you’re bound to find something really good.

… and the Food Markets

Food markets are fantastic for people wanting to sample a particular kind of food, without committing to a full meal somewhere they might not like. Whether you’re adventurous or cautious, food markets are loved by foodies and “fussies” alike.

Keep an eye out for your local food market, or even special pop-ups, because the chances are, you may well find Polish food there. And if you can find anything even half as good as amazing Paczki, a popular type of Polish donut, you will not be going home disappointed (or hungry).

You may think you’ve tried it all, but food markets often push the boundaries across cuisines to show us that actually, you haven’t really tried much of anything at all!

Get Cooking

Of course, if all else fails and you can’t find anywhere that makes Polish food like they do back in Poland, you could always just make it yourself. Eastern European food is loved all over the world, and it can be especially heartwarming if it’s home-made. There are an abundance of tasty dishes that are easy to make, from Pierogis (duh), through to Bigos stew as a perfect winter warmer. Bonus points if you’re actually Polish for extra authenticity (even if you’re not actually that good of a cook).

We all have our cravings, but as our culinary palettes expand, thankfully, our world seems to shrink – with cheap flights bringing us on each other’s doorsteps. You’ve got plenty to tide you over until that next trip!