Poland is a fabulous location for horse riding holidays, with a large range of stables accessible to English speaking visitors, great climate, excellent value and easy to get to from the UK.

Poland has over 400 registered clubs and a large number of riding schools. A lot of hotels and agro-tourism farms offer horse riding as an attraction for visitors. Horse drawn carriage rides in the summer and horse drawn sleigh rides in the winter are a great way to experience Poland’s countryside.

Jaskolka Stud in South West Poland

jaskolka stud polandA stud for Tinker horses, also known as Irish Cobs, a breed known for being calm, making them suitable for all types of rider. Jaskolka Stud offer lessons for beginners and advanced riders, hacks for 1-5 hours, and over night trips for 1 to 5 nights. Accommodation in a guesthouse, wooden cabins or camping site. Ideal for new riders or for those getting back in the saddle after a break. For riders who do not have a lot of confidence, or beginners, we first give you a short lesson before going for a relaxing ride in the forest. For those who are confident riders we have lots of hills, long gallops and sometimes swimming. You may also be lucky enough to to see newborn foals. Situated near the German and Czech border.

Serednie Male Hucul Pony Stud Farm

serednie horse ridingLocated in the wild hilly countryside in south east Poland near Sanok, Serednie Riding Centre is a small and friendly riding centre offering adventures, bareback riding, youth camps and riding camps, guided tours and riding along mountain paths, pastures and picturesque gorges of the river San.

Bielin Stud and Riding Centre

horse stud and riding centreWestern Poland, west of Poznan, just south of Szczecin near the border with Germany, Bielin Horse Riding Centre is situated in the forests by Oder River, there are also several lakes in the district, like Morzycko Lake, which is one of the deepest lakes of Western Pomerania – with a depth reaching up to 60m.

The centre has over 140 horses, including 40 tourist horses “ready to saddle”, paddocks, forests, lakes, grills and an open fire near a large wigwam delivered directly from Canada, sauna and spa treatments, a classic manor house and a drink-bar with a large fireplace.

Włosań Riding Centre

Shot near Zakopane, video shows horse riding lessons in progress with a group of students at the stables, a lot of emphasis on the video production, love for horses, romantic lyrics and moody shots of horses.

The Wlosan Riding Centre also organises tournaments and riding camps open to both beginners and advanced riders, they give you the chance to meet and integrate with other riders, highlights include open terrain riding, open fire barbeque, picnics, beach volleyball, karaoke, trips to Zakopane and Kraków, aquapark, a visit to the salt mines in Wieliczka and other local attractions.

Countryside Accommodation in Tarpan

horse riding wildernessIn the far east near the border with Belarus, in forest wilderness south east of Białystok is Tarpan, cottage available for holiday rental, with horse riding available as well as kajaking, photography and of course forest activities.

Tarpan is located inside the Puszcza Białowiecka – the Bialowieza Forest, which is ancient woodland, a biosphere reserve and UNESCO World Heritage site covering an area of around 100 sq km.

Evening Ride at Wysowa-Zdrój

Around 150km south east of Kraków, in the mountains near the Slovakian border, is Wysowa-Zdrój, this good length video shows a small group out for an evening ride and cross country trekking, magnificent scenery.

The Oslawa Stables, Wysowa Zdrój., are in the Karpathian mountains, here is the route map from Kraków.

Krynica Zdrój is around 10km to the west, a spa and medical treatment centre in the mountains.

Rzeszotary Stables near Wroclaw

Stadnina Rzeszotary offers horse riding in south west Poland, including countryside terrain riding.

Horse Riding in Poland

horse riding, horses,Located around 20 miles south east of Poznan in central Poland, the stud farm is situated in a beautiful spot near the river Warta, surrounded by meadows and woods. Summer camps organised for children and teenagers during the school holidays.

Horse Riding Centre in North West Poland

The land famous for its wild nature, lakes, rivers and forest. Tennis courts, bicycles, canoes, horse riding, carriage, everyone will find something interesting for himself. The trip can be also an opportunity to see Polish country life with its amazing traditions. The life here is slow and peaceful – just what You need to relax easily. Click to find out more about this horse riding centre.

Horse Riding Terms Glossary

stables – stadnina
ośrodek jeżdziecki – riding centre
horse – koń
jazda konna – horse riding

poland.travel, the official tourist information website, have a list of riding centres in Poland.

Many thanks for use of photographs, horses in Bieszczady mountains.